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Introducing our 2013 SRT Viper GTS. We’ve always been a fan of the Gen 5 Vipers and even though it’s not a Ford like most of our adventures, it instantly demands some respect because of it’s track built purpose and 640 hp 8.4L engine. We have expanded our tuning options into the Dodge Viper world, and now offer tuning with HP Tuners for the Gen 5 Viper.

Not only did we find more horsepower and torque throughout the power curve, we also added some cool features like an exhaust burble on deceleration, as well as deleting the skip-shift solenoid feature, and moving the rev limiter higher. We found that at the drag strip, we were crossing the stripe at over 6500 rpm and needed to move the limiter up to avoid having to shift to the next gear and losing ET.

The Specs

The Numbers

  • N/A with Shrader Tune: 560 hp / 549 lb/ft tq
  • Stock Baseline: 535 hp / 506 lb/ft tq
  • Added 64 rwhp in some areas of the curve!


  • stock 8.4L Gen V engine
  • secondary cat delete
  • custom dyno tune with HP Tuners

If you have a Gen IV or Gen V Viper and need tuning for it, you can contact us for details.