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Meet Steve Shrader’s BrightMare

This car has seen its fair share of combinations but this one is by far the best combo we’ve built for the ‘mare. With Coyote engines being the main focus of our tuning business these days, it made the most sense to try a coyote platform and this time we wanted to get back to our roots, banging gears. This build has been a repeatable combo we use on customer S550 platforms, so we knew it would play well in the lighter New Edge body.

A Gen2 Coyote engine with upgraded internal hardware to support the 23 psi from the Vortech YSi was in order, along with a new T56 Magnum to handle the gear jammin’ abuse we were looking for. This combo is super street friendly, easily tuned with SCT software on the Controls Pack ECU.

Brightmare won the Battle at the Beach dyno contest at Mustang Week 2018 to showcase the power potential, as well as several various classes of Streetcar Takeover.

Engine Built by Shrader Performance

The Numbers

  • 1000+ rwhp
  • 1/8 mile:high 5’s at 122
  • 1/4 mile: super secret. (or just watch our instagram videos)


  • Shrader-built Gen 2 Coyote
  • Heads: Gen2 coyote (stock)
  • Cams: Stock Gen2
  • Intake: GT350 manifold
  • ThrottleBody: OEM 2017 Mustang GT
  • PCM: Ford Performance Controls Pack Gen2 ECU

Forced Induction

  • Blower: Vortech YSi-B supercharger
  • Crank Pulley: Innovators West 10% Overdrive
  • Intercooler: Treadstone air-to-air


  • Headers: Kooks Headers coyote-swap longtubes
  • Mid-pipe: custom
  • Cat-Back: Magnaflow 3″

Fuel System

  • Fuel Tank: 03 Cobra tank
  • Fuel Pump: Triple E85 Walbro pumps in Fore hat
  • Fuel Injectors: ID1300
  • Fuel Type: E-85 Ethanol


  • SCT X4 with custom tuning by Steve Shrader


  • Transmission: T56 Magnum
  • Clutch: McLeod RXT
  • Axles: Moser 31-spline
  • Eaton Tru-Trac Diff