Dyno Tuning and Remote Tuning

Our primary business focus is tuning Ford vehicles with our in-house Dynojet 224x dynamometer. We only concentrate on late model Ford vehicles from 1999-present. (We no longer provide tuning for 96-98 Mustangs.) We do NOT tune diesels. With any kind of modifications to the engine or transmission, there is always a need for a new PCM calibration to ensure that the engine is operating properly and making optimal power, as well as ensuring no Check Engine Lights are present. We also offer all of the SCT tuning products here in our showroom, so if you need an X4 Programmer, chip, MAF sensors, or other component, we can help with that as well.

We also provide REMOTE TUNING for the 2011-2021 Mustangs with Coyote based engines. We have spent a tremendous amount of time developing high performance tunes for your Mustang or fast Ford that are safe, reliable, and street-friendly. This also includes our popular Cammed Idle feature that gives the effect of big cam lope without the expensive purchase of aftermarket camshafts.

Installations and services

As of 2019, we no longer provide installations of performance parts, with the exception of minor upgrades that go with your tuning, such as cold air intakes. Any other installations will need to be performed by another shop that specializes in that type of work.

Rear Seat Delete kits

A major portion of our business is dedicated to our exclusive line of Rear Seat Delete kits which are designed to replace the rear seats in your vehicle, drop some weight, increase cargo space, and make you faster.
We now offer kits for Ford Mustang, Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, Fiat 500, Chevy Camaro, Pontiac GTO, Mini Cooper, and more!
You can view our options by visiting our Shrader Performance Online Store